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Tips for a Stress-Free Proposal

Tips for planning a proposal

If you're at the beginnings of planning a proposal this is the blog for you. In April, my client Tyler did EVERYTHING right in his planning and execution of proposing to now-fiance, Maddie. His process wasn't overly complicated so I made some notes about what exactly he did to streamline such an important milestone!

Here are the top three pro-tips for a stress-free proposal!

How to plan a proposal

Number 1: His primary energy from start to finish was excitement.

From his initial inquiry, to narrowing down a location from out of state, to accepting some unexpected wind conditions and finally placing the ring on her finger, his excitement was contagious. Proposals can generally be nerve-inducing for everyone, the one proposing, the photographer, any friends or family involved. But his enthusiasm and roll-with-the-punches attitude set the tone for how everyone felt throughout the process. Up to 40mph winds? "Well, it's all part of the experience!" he'd say. Trying to choose the session location from out of state? "I totally trust you!" he said to me. Nothing mattered more than them being together!

How to plan a proposal

Number 2: He removed distractions.

Tyler went so far as to turn Maddie mid-proposal to make sure her face wasn't being covered by her hair once the wind picked up. It's the little things! Literally - who thinks of that? A pure angel. If you're going to go through the trouble of hiring a photographer for your proposal, make sure it's worth it! Make sure your unsuspecting partner wears something they feel good in - encourage them to take their time getting ready that day. Make note of sun in their eyes that might make them squint, give them time to cool down if you're hiking to a location that might make them extra sweaty and make sure the wind doesn't blind them the first time they get to see their engagement ring! It'll prevent them from being distracted during such a special moment and it'll help them look their best in the photos your photographer are snapping.

How to plan a proposal

Number 3: He made sure their friends and family were there... but not until the right moment!

From what was shared with me, Maddie had mentioned not wanting an audience when Tyler decided to propose. He noted that! The proposal was private and just for the two of them. But to celebrate, friends and family came with champagne flutes from behind trees and shrubs about 30-40 feet away. Communicate with your partner and try to gauge how "public" of a proposal they'd feel comfortable with!

This was one of the best proposals I've done simply because Tyler chose to be present, involved and make the most of every single detail. What was the most stress-free proposal you've been part of? Share your top tips for a stress-free proposal in the comments!


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