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Digital Marketing Services

Jessie with Nettik Photography began her career working as a digital marketing specialist for start-ups and small businesses. Leveraging her skills in social media marketing, she helped skyrocket the exposure of companies. When launching her own photography business in 2021, her brand quickly became recognized as a Best of Flag honoree, which she credited largely to her efforts on the digital front. The tools and mindset she uses in the digital marketing space not only helped her business thrive, but the businesses she began offered independent marketing services to. If you are a small business owner looking to improve in the virtual space, consider independent digital marketing services or mentorship with Jessie.

Mentorship Services

Having a passion or interest is powerful, but having a mentor in that space is priceless! Mentorship services in photography, business management and digital marketing can help take your passion and develop it into something more. Whether you want to launch and establish stability in your own business or feel proficient in your hobby, mentorship sessions with Nettik Photography offer a one-on opportunity to have your unique questions answered. It's time to gain new perspective, clarity, confidence and direction.

Entrepreneur and small business  tax guidance and support tool

If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur of any sort, tax season can be extra daunting. In this guidebook I share all I've learned though research, professionals and my own mistakes will help others feel a little less lost going into their next tax season. I tried to break everything down into simple terms that any normal person can understand - probably over-explaining at times! But if you're like me and benefit from that, this should be a great help.

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Introduction to Series

Auditing your Account

Defining your brand

Attracting your dream clients

Understanding different types of content

Engagement Rate

Search Engine Optimization

How to make Reels and TikToks

+2 bonus video walk-throughs

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