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Best Wedding Photographer in Flagstaff
Best Wedding Photographer in Flagstaff
Flagstaff Wedding Photographer
Flagstaff Wedding Photographer
Flagstaff Wedding Photographer

Recognized as Best Wedding Photographer in Flagstaff for 2024, Jessie Strazzeri is your Flagstaff, Arizona Photographer specializing in all things love. From wedding photography to boudoir photography, she offers a variety of photography and digital marketing services to whoever clicks with her style. Originally from California, Jess stumbled upon the sweet little mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona where she ultimately put down roots. She has loved every minute living in Flagstaff and each person she has met in the community.

After leaving a digital marketing career, she has gone on to build the thriving wedding photography entity known today as Nettik Photography. She was even honored to be voted "Best of Flag" by our community! As a big believer in manifestation, following your passion and making the most of our time on this planet she always celebrating her choice to trust her gut and pursue her dream career as your photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Nettik Photography is Flagstaff-Based and woman owned! But don't worry, we also travel to other radical Arizona locations like Sedona and Phoenix.


Nettik Photography specializes in engagement and wedding photography but is always happy to work with families!


We work to make most pricing transparent on Nettik Photography's website, from family photography to weddings and events. If you don't see something you're looking for, just email and ask!


Nettik Photography is a Limited Liability Company and is insured.


Hate being in front of the camera? Need to be told what to do with your hands? Face? Posture? Nettik Photography is built on a foundation of helping everyone feel comfortable, confident and having fun. You've come to the right place.

Flagstaff, Arizona Wedding Photography

"I was at absolute ease."

As a bride planning a destination wedding, it was pretty nerve wracking hiring a photographer I wouldn’t have the privilege to meet beforehand. To me, it was very important for our personalities to naturally mesh. After my first phone consultation with Jessie, I was at absolute ease. She was easy going and her passion for wedding photography was so obvious. Nothing she spoke about sounded commercial or gimmicky like you will find often in this industry. It was a no brainer. She was meant to be our gal!

Leading up to the wedding she kept logistics fun and easy. This was important to us because as much as we wanted beautiful photos, we didn’t want to obsess over them- we had enough to plan aside from that! I trusted she knew what she was doing.

As far as the wedding day goes, Jessie arrived full of energy and dressed totally adorable in accordance to my dress code. Right away she fit right in with my girls which made pictures feel organic and fun.
I enjoyed her bouncing around our wedding with a big smile and her easy going vibe.

THE PICTURES were delivered quickly and they were so, so good! She exceeded my expectations even though I truly didn’t give her that much direction. It’s like she just understood who we were and what we would want. She not only captured beautiful photos of our ceremony and my husband and I but also such great candids of our guests. I have been drooling over these photos daily since she sent them.

I would recommend Jessie 100x times over for any bride out there who is looking for a photographer who is unique, genuine, and passionate.

- Erin P.

Northern Arizona Wedding Photography

Join the Party on Instagram

I decided early on in my business that I was going to be as authentic as possible on my social media so that people knew who they were working with! It might be silly, but since then many of my clients have told me that they knew I was the photographer for them because they followed along, clicked with my sense of humor and loved to see my latest work. If you're considering booking with me, I highly recommend joining the conversation by following along on Instagram.

Something Different

While I take great pride in professionalism within my small business there is something you should know. After working in offices and feeling restricted on what I could wear, say and be, I love to run my business with an emphasis on laughter and comfort. Not just for myself, but for my clients.

In my ideal session, I'm not posing you and calling it a day. It's important to me that we play, connect, talk, explore and trust the process together.


I try to go into each of my sessions with an attitude of sisterhood and I ask that of you as well if you choose to work with me. Coming from a family of six, learning to navigate relationships with my siblings has been instrumental in how I approach relationships with my clients. I want everyone, including myself, to feel included, relaxed, safe, comfortable and confident.

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