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Rain on Your Sedona Wedding Day: How to Prepare and Embrace the Elements

Preparing for rain on your sedona wedding day

So there's rain in the forecast for your Arizona wedding... now what? So many people believe that Arizona is literal sunshine + warmth all the time (don't get me wrong, before I lived here I thought the same thing!). But in reality, Arizona has a very diverse climate depending on time of year and where you are in the state. For example, up here in Flagstaff we have a little snow storm rolling through this weekend. And in Sedona on February 6th, we had a massive winter storm come through right in time for Chevy + Isaac's wedding at the Red Agave Resort in the Village of Oak Creek.

Let's get this out of the way first, there's nothing you can do if the weather decides to throw you a curve ball. Stressing about it, willing it away and seeing it as an omen are all horrible solutions, so don't do that. But here are some things you can do to prepare for the chance of rain on your wedding day.

1. Know your Venue's Alternatives

In Chevy + Isaac's case, there was no "back up" location. However, they were able to rent a tent and planned for that option far in advance of their wedding day. I'm always in the camp of selecting venues that offer both an indoor and outdoor option that you love in case plans need to change, but that's not always feasible with budget and location. Fortunately most venues have been in the wedding game long enough to advise you on alternatives (like tent rentals). When it comes to Arizona (particularly Northern Arizona areas like Sedona and Flagstaff) we experience sporadic rain / monsoons / etc year round, so make sure to work out a game plan with your venue and vendors for what to expect if that's the case!

2. Upscaled Umbrellas + Details

If there's a chance of rain on your wedding day, something you can do to make the best of the situation is upscale your umbrella selection. Clear umbrellas have become trendy and a great prop if need be for rainy wedding photos, but Chevy and Isaac's family went so far as to design custom umbrellas in their wedding color (red) and the extra attention to detail meant that guests got a unique party favor when leaving the event. In our case, one of the bride + groom's best friends grabbed a full on pool umbrella from the resort and brought it along during their bridal portraits which not only provided relief from the rain, but a really comical memory and behind the scenes photo.

Additionally, rain can be a fun excuse to add extra accessories or details to your day like a custom jacket!

3. Double Check your Contracts

Most wedding vendors should have a term in their contract highlighting circumstantial adjustments that may need to be made in the case of rain on your wedding day. Vendors like DJs and Photographers, for instance, need these terms to protect their electrical gear. While there are many things vendors can do to prepare for rain or extreme weather, in some cases what we responsibly deliver can be negatively impacted. To mentally prepare yourself for this, talk with your vendors about what you can expect.

Rain on Your Sedona Wedding Day at Red Agave Resort

4. Roll with it, Baby!

There are definitely logistical ways to make the most of a rainy Sedona wedding, but the most important thing you can do if it rains on your wedding day is to roll with it. Getting caught up checking the weather, wondering if it will stop, etc will just take you out of the moment on your day. Lean in, laugh it off and keep your sights focused on the big picture of starting a marriage with your best friend.


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