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Tanner + Diego's Arizona Desert Engagement Photoshoot

While I am a Flagstaff-based photographer and love to take engagement photos among our awesome ponderosa pine trees it's always so fun to explore other areas of Arizona and get that change of scenery. Tanner + Diego were all for celebrating the stunning desert scenery with me for their engagement photoshoot! When I'm booking sessions out of town or in areas I'm not as familiar with I always try to use the AllTrails app or website to research trails that best match the aesthetic my clients are hoping for. In this case, Tanner + Diego wanted to capture the awesome saguaro cacti you can find around the Arizona desert. A perfect in-between spot that came to mind was one I've driven past oh-so-many times on the I-17 is New River and Black Canyon City. It's always my favorite part of the drive to and from Phoenix, especially during sunset! But as much as I love how it looks from the drive, I hadn't actually booked clients in this area before.

With the help of AllTrails I was able to select from a few OHV and easily accessible walking trails and pinpoint the perfect spot for their desert engagement photoshoot! My favorite part about the spot we chose is that it was relatively secluded and we had miles and miles of 360 views. Some of our more popular engagement photoshoot locations in Arizona like Sedona and the Grand Canyon can get overcrowded, so when I find more quiet, peaceful places to spend time with my clients I really cherish it. It can be strange enough having a photographer with a camera taking photos of your closeness with you fiancé or partner, let alone adding a few dozen tourists, right?

Important notice: I do not recommend shooting in these areas during the summer months! Just come to Flagstaff (hint hint, wink wink).

Would you shake up your engagement photos and take them to the desert? Let me know in the comments!


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