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Something Borrowed | Your Flagstaff Wedding Vendors

Wedding Rental Companies in Flagstaff Arizona

Welcome to a my blog series appropriately named Your Flagstaff Wedding Vendors! Flagstaff is a hidden gem for many reasons but one of the biggest ones is our phenomenal selection of wedding vendors for couples looking to get married in our amazing mountain town. From Photographers (represent!) to DJs, Florists, Rental Companies and Chefs my goal is to highlight as many as I can so you can make the most informed decision or referral when your next wedding comes up.

In this series of blog posts I'll be doing interviews with our vendors and share more about what they offer, who they are and how you can get in touch with them. Today our spotlight is none other than my friends with Something Borrowed: Wedding and Event Rentals. This is a new wedding rental company in Flagstaff, Arizona. Without further ado...

Something Borrowed Wedding and Event Rentals in Flagstaff, Arizona

Who are you and what service do you offer in the Flagstaff Wedding Vendor arena?

We are Laura and Rachel and our business is Something Borrowed: Wedding and Event Rentals. We are two best friends of 12 years who decided to open a wedding business together around October 2021. We offer wedding signs, artificial floral arrangements, wedding arches, centerpiece items, decor, and miscellaneous items like drink dispensers, projectors, yard games, and string lights. We serve rentals to weddings and events all over Northern AZ.

What areas (if any) outside of Flagstaff do you offer your services to?

We serve Williams and other nearby towns to Flagstaff; Verde Valley area, Strawberry/Payson, Prescott--surrounding cities, other areas in the state upon request.

What is your favorite thing about your business?

We love helping to create a beautiful and unique look for one of the most special days of a couple's life! It is so much fun hearing about the different wedding themes, venues, and creative ideas that brides come up with and how our inventory can bring that vision to life. We also have had such a fun time not only growing our friendship through this business partnership, but also meeting all the friendly faces of the wedding community locally. We absolutely love what we do!

How would you describe your "Dream Client"?

A dream client would be someone that is communicative about what they want and need, has an idea of what they are looking for or is open to a professional opinion from us, is timely with picking up and returning wedding items, and open to sharing honest feedback with us!

What is your favorite review or piece of feedback you've ever gotten from a client?

We had a client recently that was just so ecstatic about her experience with us, and was thrilled at how simple the whole rental process was. She loved the five day rental period; she said it really gave her time to catch her breath after the wedding without having to worry about getting the items back right away. She was the sweetest, and even gave us wedding favors and some new fun items to rent as a thank you. We were so happy to hear the positive feedback and loved the fun goodies.

What is your favorite kind of inventory to create / make and why?

In general, wedding inventory is so fun to find because there are many unique and versatile pieces. From our inventory, we love the different centerpiece items, with fun flowers or candles added. The reason being is these work with so many themes and really just allow for the bride's creativity to blossom because she can add in her own special touches. We always ask the clients for photos after their ceremony just because it is so fun to see our items in action with many different styles!

What was the biggest challenge or most unexpected obstacle you've had to overcome? This can be a general challenge or a specific project that tested your abilities.

Biggest challenge we have had so far is just getting the word out that we are here and ready to help! However, the growth has been steady and we have been very excited about all of the wonderful opportunities that have already been laid out for us. We are so grateful for the other small businesses in the community just embracing us and offering to do what they can to assist with our growth.

What is the trickiest part about being a Flagstaff-based Photographer?

Weddings aren't usually held year round in Flagstaff because of the cold winters. Obviously some people love the “winter wonderland” look, or prefer an all indoor wedding, but we have to target warmer climates in the winter and that can be a challenge.

Is there someone in your industry that inspires you to keep going when things get tough?

We inspire each other! That is one of the best parts of being in a partnership. We can bounce ideas off each other, frustrations, and usually when one of us has an off day or has some stress, the other one is so reassuring and helpful in lifting the other up. It has been a gift being in a business with your best friend.

Where would you like to see your business one year from now?

We would love to double the amount of clients we have now and to be busy, and booked, booked, BOOKED for next year's wedding season.

Where can interested potential clients connect with you and check out your pricing?

Interested clients can check out our pricing on our website, and we encourage them to connect in the following ways!

Follow on Instagram (@somethingborrowednaz)


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