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Frsh Entertainment | Your Flagstaff Wedding Vendors

Welcome to a my blog series appropriately named Your Flagstaff Wedding Vendors! Flagstaff is a hidden gem for many reasons but one of the biggest ones is our phenomenal selection of wedding vendors for couples looking to get married in our little mountain town. From Photographers (represent!) to DJs, Florists, Rental Companies and Chefs my goal is to highlight as many vendors in our community as I can so you can make the most informed decision or referral when your wedding comes up.

In this series of blog posts I'll be doing interviews with our Flagstaff wedding vendors and share more about what they offer, who they are and how you can get in touch with them. Today our spotlight is none other than Douglas Garner Jr., the owner and main DJ of Frsh Entertainment; a DJ, Sound and Light company. When it comes to your Flagstaff DJs, Douglas should be at the top of your list. Keep reading and you'll see exactly why!

Douglas with Frsh Entertainment Flagstaff Wedding and Event DJ

Who are you and what service do you offer in the Flagstaff Wedding Vendor arena?

Hey ya’ll, I’m Douglas Garner Jr! I’m the owner/ main DJ of Frsh Entertainment, A DJ, Sound, and Light company! I’ve been DJing for over a decade now. Music has always been a huge part of my life and DJing is a passion of mine. I’ve gone to so many concerts, weddings, and events in my life, and while just being in the crowd, seeing so many different people come together and having the time of their lives together made me decide that it’d be absolutely incredible if I could offer that to other people.

Northern Arizona Wedding DJ

What areas (if any) outside of Flagstaff do you offer your services to?

I serve all of Arizona. I do and have traveled out of state also!

What is your favorite thing about your business?

I love so much about DJing but I’d have to say engaging with the crowd is at the top of my list. I absolutely love when I drop an unexpected track or do some DJ tricks and the crowd is all in on it!

What was the biggest challenge or most unexpected obstacle you've had to overcome? This can be a general challenge or a specific project that tested your abilities.

I had a wedding where the venue was on evacuation notice due to a wildfire being fairly close. We had to move the start time of wedding up in super short notice and I had dual set ups inside and out of the venue for ceremony and reception, and in addition to that, I had to set up additional sound for a two singers and a guitarist. I maybe had an hour and half to get everything ready! With combating weather elements (tons of smoke in the area, and super hot out, electronics and heat are not friends haha) the super time crunch, multiple set up locations and making sure everything still flowed smoothly was stressful but I got it done and the wedding went awesome! Thankfully we didn’t have to evacuate!

What is your favorite review or piece of feedback you've ever gotten from a client?

I’ve gotten some super great reviews over the years but I had a wedding recently that was most an older crowd. The groom’s grandma came up to me after the wedding was over and said that she loved my music choices and that it was the most fun she had in over 20 years!

Flagstaff Wedding Vendors, Flagstaff Wedding and Event DJ

What is your favorite thing to offer your clients and why?

I do have a new thing I'm offering and I absolutely love it! I have a CO2 blaster that the couple can use on their crowd. It’s so much fun and adds to the excitement!

How would you describe your "dream client"?

A dream client is one that’s easy to work with and just lets me do my thing. I absolutely will stick to whatever the client wants (specific genres all night, a specific playlist they want me to play, certain songs can’t be played etc…) but when I get those clients every now and then who tell me to let loose and do what I do best to really showcase my DJ skills it’s absolutely amazing.

Where would you like to see your business one year from now?

I’d like to grow more. I’m a single operator for the most part now, but I'm working on getting more DJ’s on my team!

Where can interested potential clients find your pricing information?

My pricing can be found at my website. Click here for pricing!

Is there someone in your industry that inspires you to keep going when things get tough or to create outside of your comfort zone?

There’s a New Jersey based DJ named Nick Spinelli and a Carolina DJ named Joe Bunn. These guys are awesome and inspire me to do some things differently which has been working great!

Who are some vendors you feel could use some more recognition in Northern Arizona?

Dining | Wil’s Grill

Where can interested potential clients connect with you?

By Email at

By Phone at 928-600-9274


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