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Essential Tips for Planning a Flagstaff Wedding: What You Need to Know

How to plan a wedding in Flagstaff, Arizona

Hey friends, it’s your Flagstaff Wedding Photographer, Jess! I thought I’d do a quick lesson in things to know if you’re getting married in our awesome little town of Flagstaff, Arizona. Be prepared and flexible with these notes in mind!

1. Wind.

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering getting married in Flagstaff is that we get some intensely windy days. Ask outdoor venues how they prepare for this and what their suggestions are for decor, microphones, etc. Our windiest time tends to be the spring (April and early May) but our weather - especially windy days! - can be unpredictable.

2. Weather.

Like mentioned above, not only is our wind unpredictable, so is our weather. We get snow during the winter and spring showers followed by monsoons throughout the summer. Again, if you’re exploring outdoor venues you’ll want to chat with them about their backup options in case of rain!

3. Noise Ordinances.

Some of our venues are actually in somewhat residential areas and must follow noise ordinances. Have your DJ and Venue communicate clearly to everyone what this might mean. This might mean that the DJ can’t play as loud or that the venue has more strict quiet hours.

4. Altitude.

Get your drink on…. Responsibly! Flagstaff is nestled up at about 7,000 feet above sea level. When coming up from the Phoenix valley or elsewhere you’ll want to pace yourself with your alcohol intake and don’t be surprised if you’re a little more out of breath than usual when dancing! Stay hydrated and make sure you're eating enough during the day.

5. Plan your Flagstaff Wedding with Local Vendors.

Support local vendors while you’re in town. It’ll save you travel fees, lodging fees and a pretty brutal late night drive for vendors that would have to come up from the city. Plus, our small businesses and local community are part of what this place so magical! If you're starting to piece together your rockstar team of locals, check out my blog series highlighting my favorite Flagstaff Wedding Vendors including caterers, videographers, florists, venues and more.

Keeping these five tips in mind should help you plan your wedding in Flagstaff. My biggest reminder for couples getting married in Flagstaff is to stay flexible! You can plan out the details of your wedding as best as possible, but for any wedding make sure you're ready to laugh it off when things don't go exactly as planned. The most important thing is that you're marrying the love of your life on a freaking mountain and that's pretty wonderful.


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