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Six Month Mark!

six months as a photographer

Time flies when you're having fun, right? I'm currently writing this up from Sedona Beer Company, which is a local brewery I've been visiting weekly to help with social media photos and content. I actually partnered as an associate with another photographer (Earth Below Photography) to assist with this account as her brand continues to grow and our partnership so far has been wonderful! Anyway, I'm moving right into my sixth month as a full-time photographer and it still doesn't feel like real life. Okay, maybe a little more like real life than before - I am falling into routine and my "business" mindset is making more sense now. But the fact I just play and do what I want when I want (for the most part!) is still very surreal. If you're wondering where I've been, well, I've been busy! I'm so fortunate to have been backed up with photoshoots and editing even if it means there's a bit less breathing room for blog updates and what not.

There's something a little extra significant about this month that I think is worth taking a moment to talk about. A little over six months ago as I was wrapping up at my corporate digital marketing job I turned I decided, "okay, I want to give this some real time to grow and work, but I also don't want to put myself in a terrible financial spot. I have enough in savings to carry over in case of emergency but if I'm not making a comfortable income after six months... I'll start looking for a new job." When I told Tony he said, "why not make it a year?". To which I said, "maybe".

I was so convinced and so prepared for things to not work out in my pursuit of being a full-time photographer. Even though I was (at the same time) confident and banking on it working! However, each month my business has either stayed steady or grown in all areas. Even when I'm experiencing feelings of stress, it's never enough to make me want to start a job search. In fact, I was thinking the other day about all the times I'd go onto Indeed or ZipRecruiter just to feel like I was jumping into a pit of despair. It was always, "well I guess I could make that work" or "at least the pay is pretty good" and never, "WOW. That would be a dream job!". Because this was my dream job. And I'm the only one who would hire me for it.

So in case you're wondering - yeah I think I'll take Tony up on his suggestion to push this party to at least one year!


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