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A Dreamy, Non-Traditional Elopement in Sedona

Elopement photographer sedona

April was filled with a few firsts for me, one of them being an elopement in Sedona with one of my mentors. The story of Adam and Elizabeth's elopement and everything leading up to it was unexpected. The two actually connected almost ten years ago and decided to marry one another. However, life happened and the two parted ways; taking time to explore the people they wanted to be, the kind of relationship that worked best for them and the lives they wanted to lead. Fortunately, their story didn't end there and their paths inevitably brought them back to one another.

A new relationship, a new house, a new engagement and a new kind of tradition. In true unorthodox Adam and Elizabeth fashion, the two decided that this time around they would make their ceremony as unique as their journey. They booked my mentor, Hannah Rose Gray, to take them to one of the most insane locations I've ever been to in Sedona for their elopement. The location requires an off-roading vehicle and a little bit of patience to get to, winding up bumpy, rocky switchbacks to the top of the red rocks -- honestly I'm not sure I'll ever be able to take my own clients up to this location because I would definitely not feel comfortable making the journey myself! But because Hannah is well versed in Sedona's hiding places and how to get there I lucky to be able to tag along with her for these adventures. So we squeezed into her friend's car with the soon-to-be husband and wife and got to know them as we jumbled up the road for the next 40 minutes or so. At the top of the road was an unreal view over the Sedona red rocks as the sun started to come down.

This was my second time shooting alongside Hannah Rose and, I'll be honest, it's definitely a different flow than being the lead photographer! Instead of directing and composing the perfect shot I get a lot more shots from the side, candid and in-between shots. Even so, it's a great opportunity to put our minds together to decide where to best place the clients and navigate the lighting, anthills and other photographers in the area. Let me know what you think of this dreamy, non-traditional elopement. Would you do it?


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