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Why People are Trying "Matinee" Photoshoots

Matinee Photoshoots, Morning Photoshoot in Flagstaff

Whether you are an early riser or not, opting for a "Matinee" photoshoot with Nettik Photography in Flagstaff, Arizona is worth considering for your next portrait session. What is a Matinee shoot? Matinee sessions are any photoshoots booked before 10:00AM. I decided to offer Matinee photoshoots at a lower rate than my regular afternoon and evening sessions to help make mornings more meaningful. So grab your coffee as you enjoy exploring the benefits below that come with booking a Matinee photoshoot!

Morning Light, Baby!

One of the main reasons you may want to consider a Matinee photoshoot is because of the dreamy, soft light that you only really get in the morning. Golden hour gets a lot of credit in photography, but a long time ago I decided that morning light takes the cake on that. With how peaceful and beautiful this time of day is I can't help but be moved and inspired during this time of day.


Another reason Matinee sessions are because there is less of the need to fight a crowd or wait your turn - especially in popular locations near Sedona, in Downtown Flagstaff and popular walking trails in town. Without the extra foot traffic it's usually easier to loosen up and get more intimate and natural-looking photos with you and your loved ones. If you're like me and feel uncomfortable posing or having your photo taken with an audience around a Matinee session provides peace-of-mind.

Matinee Photoshoots, Morning Photoshoot in Flagstaff

There's No Rush

With your traditional Golden Hour photoshoot, you're typically at the will of the sun. As soon as it dips below the horizon you're out of time - whether you got all the poses and shots you wanted or not. With Matinee sessions you don't have that same sense of urgency. While our sessions are typically an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long, Matinee sessions still give a little bit of wiggle room for us if we want to get, "one more shot!".

Matinee Photoshoots, Morning Photoshoot in Flagstaff

Money Back in your Pocket

It almost goes without saying, Matinee photoshoots save you about $50.00. Just like going to the movies during their Matinee movie features! Because morning sessions require you to set an alarm, wake up earlier and get photo-ready first thing in the morning I offer these sessions at a reduced price. What's in it for me, then? Well I'm a bit of an early riser! And, like I said, morning light is really moving to me. With so many people rushing to book weekends and evenings, offering Matinee sessions shakes up my schedule a bit and helps make mornings more meaningful and productive. I'm at my most creative bright and early, so Matinee sessions are a win-win in my eyes!

Matinee Photoshoots, Morning Photoshoot in Flagstaff

Get it Done Early

Finally, a benefit of Matinee photoshoots is that you get in, get it done and go about your day. Matinee sessions don't throw a wrench in your dinner plans, you don't have to do them after a long day of work and once we wrap up the shoot you'll already feel like you've accomplished something on your to-do list for that day. This is also an excellent option if you have younger children whose moods are at their best in the morning.

Matinee Photoshoots, Morning Photoshoot in Flagstaff

Matinee sessions are definitely a unique experience compared to traditional afternoon and evening sessions. Having said that, they are a really fun change of pace that ensures you get your day started on the right foot. If you're open to trying something new and interested in booking your Matinee session, click here to inquire about pricing and scheduling! I can't wait to create with you!

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