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Weston's Business Headshots in Downtown Flagstaff

Flagstaff Professional Business Headshots

After this session, I briefly thought "wow, business headshots might just be my new favorite thing." Looking back I'm not sure that's true. In all honesty it's hard not to have more fun directing and catching interactions of small pairs or groups of people as opposed to single-subject photoshoots. But it was definitely an intriguing change of pace! What made me think it might be a new favorite thing is how quick and clear-cut the expectations of business headshots are. This session with a local Digital Marketing professional in Downtown Flagstaff was a quick 20-30 minutes and in his final album delivery he got just under 20 photos back to choose from.

I'm lucky that the shared co-working space I use has such a modern and well-lit conference room I was able to reserve for this session. There are two different accent walls, neat decor pieces and an eye-catching sliding door that I used for plenty of variety during this session. This session actually inspired me to get out of my comfort zone with the purpose of updating my own business headshots - which I'll get to sharing in the next post! It begs the question though... how outdated is your business headshot?

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