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Preparing for your Sedona Photoshoot

Photoshoot in Sedona, how to prepare for a sedona photoshoot

Spring is here and with it comes many-a-Sedona-photoshoot! Sedona is a no-brainer location for your spring break or summer vacation. And I find it's a place where many families, couples and even solo travelers with their pups love to schedule a unique photoshoot experience. How could you not? Sedona is one of the most picturesque locations in the United States!

This will be my second busy season zipping down multiple times a week to help people capture stunning portraits in Sedona and I figured I'd take a moment to jot down some of my best tips to help you prepare for your photoshoot in Sedona.

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Bring the right shoes!

While there are some locations that I deem "park-and-you're-there!", others may require up to 15 minutes of a trail walk / non-strenuous hike to get to. Bring the wedges or heels! But make sure to start in tennis shoes.

Book Early

This time of year us photographers book up fast! If you have your heart set on a photoshoot in Sedona, I suggest connecting as soon as possible with the photographer(s) you have in mind to book and make sure you have a date locked in!

Give yourself plenty of time to find parking.

Being the wonder of the world that it is, Sedona does draw in a hefty amount of tourism almost all year round. And when I say hefty that's even a little bit of an understatement. To make sure you don't end up stressed, frazzled and cutting into your photoshoot time please give yourself at least 10-15 minutes of a grace period to find parking. Oh! And make sure to pay attention to permit and paid parking signs.

Use the restroom before you head to your photoshoot.

When the weather gets hot, the restrooms at many Sedona trail and outdoor locations get gross. Like, lots of flies. Hearing the buzzing of flies is definitely not the most pleasant peeing experience. you'll ever have - it gives me the heebie jeebies for sure!

Have fun! Explore the environment!

Sedona has so many cool things going on at any given place. If you're coming with kids don't worry about the perfect pose. Be in the present with the ones your love and let your photographer lean into candids. Stack rocks, look out at the horizon, climb around, laugh a lot.

Be flexible.

During summer, the sun sets late in Sedona. Your photographer will most likely schedule your session at the end of the day when the light on the red rocks isn't quite as harsh and is more flattering on you. Have an earlier dinner and plan to fill your day with other fun happenings in Sedona.

Speaking of dinner.... make a reservation.

I've had lots of clients want to swing by a local restaurant after their photoshoot only to find long wait times and crowds. My suggestion is to try and book a dinner reservation at least a week in advance to make sure you can replenish after your photoshoot. I know that sounds dramatic, but you'll thank me later.

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Some of the locations you see on Instagram require special vehicles to get to!

Talk to your photographer to figure out exactly what you can handle when it comes to a photoshoot in Sedona. Sedona has a handful of locations that are picture-perfect and breathtaking, but oftentimes those "instaworthy" locations can be tricky to get to! They either require a more strenuous hike, a special off-road vehicle or waiting in line for your turn. These factors can impact the pricing of your session and the length of your session so make sure you are fully aware of what you're signing up for.

Watch out for cacti.

Even on some of the more open-area, flat red rocks there are often cacti. Trust me, you don't want to take a cactus to the shin. You're gonna have a bad time.

And a bonus, no-brainer reminder: bring water.

The most important thing is to trust your photographer and have fun. You are on vacation in one of the most stunning places in the world. Get all your ducks in a row early so you can thoroughly enjoy your photoshoot and time with your favorite people.

Ready to book your Sedona photoshoot? Click here!


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