Girl Power: Meet The Beauty Boost in Flagstaff

The Beauty Boost Flagstaff Community Event Photography

A few months ago, an account popped up on Instagram that really caught my attention. The Beauty Boost's Instagram profile stated, "A space for women to feel empowered, healthy & beautiful." It reminded me of my mission as an independent, online health coach with Beachbody. Through that experience I found my kind of people who filled my heart, helped me find purpose and made me realize the power of sisterhood. After following one another for a while the host of the group, Brooke Stoff, shot me a direct message asking if I would be open to discussing a volunteer opportunity with the group. Coincidentally, I'd been hoping to get back into some volunteer work within the Flagstaff community! Back in San Diego I partnered with a few groups as a volunteer, not having that in Arizona was starting to weigh on me.

Brooke + I hopped on the phone and agreed to a little partnership right away! I was (and still am!) thrilled to have been thought of for this opportunity. The first event for The Beauty Boost was in March; a Girl Power x Maga class with local women business owners like Sarah with Fiercely Female and Katrina with AZ IV Medics. The entire experience from start to finish was incredibly comforting and brought me a sense of hope for future friendships and connections in the community.

I asked the host of The Beauty Boost in Flagstaff if she'd be open to sharing more about why she chose to launch a division of this group in our city and she was more than happy to provide more insight. Here's a few of her answers about what the group is + why Brooke decided to kick it off in Flagstaff.

Jess: What is The Beauty Boost?

Brooke: The Beauty Boost is a community for women to feel EMPOWERED, HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL! We do this through awesome events + experiences. Those events + experiences are: retreats getaways, fitness events, empowerment workshops, socials and optional membership!

Jess: What is your favorite Beauty Boost event you’ve ever been to + why?

Brooke: Our first goal hike was my favorite! I was so nervous/excited for it and it turned out amazing. We made such good connections.

Jess: What made you want to become a Beauty Boost leader + bring it to Flagstaff?

Brooke: I was looking for a way to give back and be integrated with this new community I moved to. When I talked to the founder and CEO Rachel Kerr about it I knew I had to take it here. It’s just so fun!

Event photography always makes me feel so open to possibility and opportunity. It makes me feel safer in my city and more aware of my resources. The next event I'll be volunteering at with The Beauty Boost in Flagstaff is their Women Wonderland Empowerment Night on May 11th from 6:30pm-8:30pm - even more exciting? My mentor Hannah Gray will be one of the women on the panel for this event! But before that you can check out some of their other community events like the Clothing Swap + Snag on April 27th and the Barre + Bubbly event on May 2nd. If you're looking for a little extra support, friendship, networking and entertainment these events are worth exploring! Swing by + meet all the incredible women helping Flagstaff thrive!

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