Nettik Photography is located in Flagstaff, Arizona and has recently started offering photography lessons to people of all ages in Northern Arizona. Owner, Jessie Strazzeri, is a professional solo photographer who knows how essential photography lessons are for kids who haven't shown an interest in traditional extracurricular activities (like sports & music). She personally found the only way to learn photography between middle school

and high school was to self-teach. Jessie's experience ranges from monumental family photo sessions, to product, automotive and event photography. Her photo style focuses on using minimal equipment to avoid the expenses that are often associated with photography. Jessie makes it FUN to learn about photography and encourages her students to think outside the box to express their creativity. She will teach hands-on camera basics, settings, an advanced understanding of lighting, how to capture objects in motion, and more! We will only move forward once you fully understand each concept so you feel comfortable with the camera.

*You do not need to own a camera to begin photography lessons


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